Erythema Multiforme Minor
  • This condition is characterized by erythematous papules that evolve into target lesions with dusky centers. Some oral lesions may be present.
  • The most common precipitant is HSV infection. It may also be drug-induced.
  • Antihistamines provide symptomatic relief.
  • Systemic steroids may be helpful if given early.
  • Prophylactic acyclovir may be useful to prevent recurrent HSV-related disease.
Erythema Multiforme Major (Stevens-Johnson Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis)
  • In Stevens-Johnson syndrome (SJS) and toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), marked erythema or target lesions rapidly progress to blistering and epidermal sloughing.
  • Discontinue all possible precipitating medications.
  • Replace fluid losses and provide adequate nutrition.
  • Administer local wound care. D├ębridement is not recommended.
  • Give antibiotics as needed for superinfection. Avoid prophylactic antibiotics.
  • Consider systemic steroids, which may be beneficial early in the course of the disease.
  • Intravenous immune globulin has been shown to be beneficial in some cases of TEN.

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